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State Farm Seeks FAA Permission to Test Drones

Truth is often stranger than fiction. The Chicago Tribune reported just this week that insurance giant State Farm has filed an application with the FAA to test the use of drones to capture images, including of roof and other property damage, during catastrophes. The company told reporters that eventually it hopes to use the images it captures, to conduct “research and development” during and immediately after a real world catastrophe, such as with hurricanes, tornados, windstorms, floods, wildfires or mudslides. What else will they use the information for? Will they be allowed to share it? Sell it?

USAA is also, reportedly, considering FAA approval to conduct similar drone testing. Do you trust your insurance company to manage your right to privacy responsibly? If these companies cannot handle simple contractual disputes with honesty and integrity, how can they be trusted to fly drones over your neighborhood, and have unfettered access to the sky above your home or business? State Farm’s FAA application said the drone flights will occur under 400 feet. Do you want your “good neighbor” flying drones over your home or business?