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Daly & Black goes all in.
All the time.

We level the playing field against big corporate defendants.


Daly & Black goes all in – all the time. We bet on our ability to win and have a track record to back it up. Our trial lawyers have litigated cases across the country, taken on some of the world’s largest companies, and won. Big. We secured some of the country’s largest verdicts, setting records in Texas and abroad.  Many of our potential clients ask how can they afford a trial team like this? Easy. We only take on the best cases. We never ask our clients to pay us for our time – we advance all case expenses and collect a fee only when we recover for our clients, which means we always align our interests with those of our clients and have every incentive to obtain the recovery our clients deserve.

To find out how you can go all in with Daly & Black, contact one of our experienced trial lawyers today for a free consultation.

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What “Going All In” Means

Going all in means being completely invested and working until the job is done – no matter how long, how hard, or how time consuming the journey may be.

Why Hiring “Real Trial Lawyers” Should Matter To You

The lawyer you hire makes all the difference in the world. Our lawyers try cases; many do not. Ask your lawyer when they tried their last case or picked their last jury. If your lawyer can’t answer these questions, then you haven’t hired the right lawyer. Our lawyers try cases – and go all in every single time.

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Our Record Shattering Results

As the 2022 National Law Journal law firm of the year, we have a reputation to maintain.  Being the best in the country means showing up. Every single day.  We get hired on some of the largest high-stakes cases in the country. And we deliver results. Our trial lawyers have been setting records for years and our verdicts last year alone were among the largest in the country. Our recoveries for our clients are the result of a simple mindset. Go all in. Every time.

Go All In With Daly & Black.

From the moment we accept your case, Daly & Black is all in. We receive nothing until we win, and we only settle with your approval. We leverage results – not time. We partner with you and bet on our ability to win. You never get a bill for our time or your expenses. Because of that, our clients and opponents know Daly & Black will fight to win with every ounce of our energy, experience, and talent.

Our firm takes on the biggest companies in the world with the resources to do so.  When handling first-party property damage claims, we represent homeowners, individuals, commercial property owners, business owners, homeowners associations, shopping malls, industrial properties, churches, governmental municipalities, school districts, and hospitals. We fight for you when an insurance company unreasonably denies, delays, or underpays legitimate claims, pushing for a full recovery of policy benefits. Our firm also expertly navigates mass torts of virtually every kind, wrongful death cases, catastrophic personal injury matters, defective product cases, drug and medical injury cases, life insurance disputes, industrial accidents and complex commercial litigation.

Thousands of clients have gone all in with us – placing their trust in Daly & Black’s ability to succeed.   If you are ready for your free consultation and want lawyers that go all in on your case, schedule your free consultation today.