April 2016 hailstorm in SA, TX - The costliest ever | Daly & Black, P.C.

San Antonio April 2016 hailstorm costliest ever in Texas

The Insurance Council of Texas says the hail storm that pelted San Antonio earlier this month is the costliest one to ever hit Texas. The San Antonio hail was so severe it crashed through the skylights of a grocery store. In Bexar County it caused an estimated $1.36 billion in damages. That figure, is likely to increase as claims are submitted and adjusted.

Our first party insurance lawyers are already fielding calls from Bexar County homeowners and businesses that were affected by the devastating Texas hailstorm. Many of these insurance claims will be handled properly, and in accordance with applicable policy provisions and Texas law. Unfortunately, many will not.

If you believe your claim is being improperly delayed, denied, or underpaid, speak to one of our first party lawyers – at no cost – to discuss your concerns. The first step – always – is to be well informed. And it costs you nothing.

In filing an insurance claim, keep in mind a few simple basic rules:

  • document your damage – use your smartphone. Take photos, and video, to document the damages;
  • report the damage to your broker and insurer in a timely manner. When in doubt, file a claim. That will trigger the insurance company’s obligation to come out and inspect the damage and report any findings to you;
  • work only with reputable roofers and contractors – do your homework and make sure they can do what they say they will do. You are not obligated to use a company your insurer recommends. Use a company you know and trust. Storms often bring out the scam artists, and storm chasing roofers that deliver a lower quality product and service;
  • don’t sign anything without understanding what you are signing; and
  • understand your rights – both under your policy, and under Texas law. Our lawyers are prepared to help you in this area, should the need arise.

Texas has already seen unprecedented storm damage in 2016 – the surest way to weather any storm, when dealing with your insurance company, is to make sure you know your rights, so that everybody is playing from the same set of rules.