Charles Brown | Chief Operations Officer

Charles Brown


  • 2211 Norfolk Street
    Suite 800
    Houston, Texas 77098
  • 713-655-1405


Charles Brown is an award-winning attorney noted for his expertise in both medical malpractice law and law firm management. Charles is licensed by the State Bar of Texas and the State Bar of Louisiana. 

Charles is highly regarded for his representation of plaintiffs in complex cases. His experience encompasses a wide array of issues, from surgical errors and medication mistakes to failure-to-diagnose conditions. These cases have contributed to bringing justice for injured patients and have further established him as a reliable advocate in the field.

In law firm management, Charles brings a multifaceted skill set that includes digital marketing, employee management, and financial oversight. His experience in digital marketing has led to successful client acquisition campaigns, while his approach to employee management focuses on effective talent recruitment, development, and retention. Charles also excels in financial management, particularly in budget optimization and resource allocation. Significantly, he has harnessed the capabilities of GPT API and Python to create custom solutions for automating workflows and document creation, resulting in streamlined operations and improved service delivery for law firms.

As an adjunct professor at the University of Houston Law Center, Charles has taught a course on Law Office Management, imparting essential skills to emerging legal professionals in both traditional and current challenges facing lawyers and law firms.  The course, How to Make Money as a Lawyer has been consistently ranked as one of the most popular courses at the Law Center.

To round out his professional accomplishments, Charles is the two-time winner of the Seaside Rotary Club’s Chili Cook Off