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Insurers Cutting Insurance Payments to Hurricane Harvey Claimants by 50% & More

Hurricane Harvey ravaged homes all across Texas last year, causing a huge influx of hurricane damage claims filed by homeowners. insurance companies or corporate defendants are notorious for doing everything they can to not provide ample coverage and payouts to policyholders after a natural disaster. It seems that Hurricane Harvey is causing certain insurers to follow past trends at the expense of people who need financial assistance now more than ever.

According to an article recently posted by KHOU11 and featuring Attorneys John Black and Richard Daly of Daly & Black, P.C. in Houston — you can click here to view the full article — homeowners throughout Texas are getting bad news from their insurance providers: they are not getting all the coverage they were initially promised for Hurricane Harvey damage. Within the article, it recounts a story from a family in Abbot who were given a check for $46,000 from the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) after an appraiser told them total costs to repair their home would be about $236,000. The TWIA had apparently sent a second consultant to their property after the appraisal to look for ways to cut the claim down significantly, resulting in the check for an amount less than 20% what was deserved.

Another man in Rockport was initially quoted at $300,000 by the TWAI to completely repair his home, which was recorded to be a “total loss” after Hurricane Harvey. It is worth noting that $300,000 is his policy limit. The amount he was actually given was $168,000 after another consultant re-inspected the property and made significant and largely-unexplained cost cuts.

This is precisely where Daly & Black, P.C. and its Houston first party insurance litigation attorneys come in, though. The law firm and its clients are not letting insurance companies or corporate defendants get away with lowballed policy payouts – not without a fight. In a lawsuit filed against TWIA for insurance fraud, Attorneys Daly and Black note a deposition obtained from a claims supervisor who was contracted by the Association. According to his statements, at least 80% of all Hurricane Harvey claims involving the “total loss” of a home or structure were subsequently given a minimized estimate by a secondary “consultant.” While the company’s behavior seems indicative of underhanded dealings, the company has steadfastly disputed any accusations of insurance bad faith.

If you have been disrespected or arguably cheated by the TWIA or another insurance company after filing a Hurricane Harvey homeowners’ claim, come to Daly & Black, P.C. for unmatched legal advocacy. Our law firm focuses entirely on first party insurance claims, which means we are completely committed to suing insurance companies or corporate defendants on behalf of policyholders like you. There is not an insurance company in Texas that does not know our name and grow hesitant when they find out we are representing their customer after they wrongfully denied, delayed, or underpaid their claim.

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