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First-Party Insurance Lawyers

After going through the roller coaster of a major personal injury, when your insurance claim is denied, delayed, or undervalued, it can leave you feeling vulnerable and unsure of your rights. At Daly & Black P.C., we understand the frustration and stress you may be facing. Our dedicated team of first-party insurance lawyers is here to help you secure the compensation and justice you deserve.

What Sets Us Apart:

  1. Expertise: Our team of first-party insurance lawyers is well-versed in the complex world of insurance law. We have a deep understanding of first-party insurance claims and insurance bad faith, making us your best ally in seeking justice.
  2. Results-Driven: We are committed to delivering results for our clients. Your case is unique, and we treat it as such. We work closely with you to develop a customized legal strategy tailored to your needs and circumstances. We understand the financial and emotional toll that insurance disputes can take, and we fight tirelessly to protect your interests.
  3. No Upfront Fees: At Daly & Black P.C., we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t pay a dime unless we secure a favorable outcome for your case.

What kind of First-Party Claims Do We Handle?

Our firm is happy to review any such claim, at no cost to the policyholder to determine whether a valid claim exists under the policy in question and applicable state law.

Our firm will consider handling first-party insurance claims in the following areas:

Why Choose Daly & Black P.C.:

We’ve earned our reputation as staunch advocates for policyholders by securing fair compensation and holding insurance companies accountable for their actions. When you choose first-party insurance lawyers at Daly & Black P.C., you’re choosing:

  • Proven Experience
  • Dedication to Justice
  • Excellence in Legal Representation
  • A Partner Who Cares About Your Rights

Contact Us Today:

Don’t let insurance companies unfairly deny or underpay your claim. Daly & Black P.C. is here to help you navigate the legal complexities of first-party insurance and insurance bad faith. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us help you seek the justice you deserve.