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Chambers & Partners Honors Daly & Black Founder in 2015 USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers

Chambers & Partners recently announced the publication of its 2015 rankings for its USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers, and one of Daly & Black’s lawyers has, once again, been honored by the prestigious publication.

Chambers is considered by many to publish the leading guide to the legal profession. Chambers ranks lawyers and law firms on several factors and considerations, all of which are investigated by its team of more than 140 researchers. The researchers are employed full-time in Chambers’ central London office, and work throughout the year contacting lawyers and clients directly by telephone and email. Individual lawyers are ranked (in their practice-areas) on the basis of their legal knowledge and experience, their ability, their effectiveness, and their client-service. These factors and considerations are judged by interviews with those active in the market – mainly clients and other lawyers with whom they work; and by assessing recent work done. Internal meetings are held by researchers, deputy editors and editors to go through the research and to compile and approve the rankings. Lawyers and law firms that are being considered do not pay for the distinction, cannot vote, and have no input in the process.

Chambers recently described John Scott Black, one of the firm’s founding partners, a “rising star of the commercial litigation field.” The publication, which also honoured Black last year, states that Black is outstanding” and calls him one of the region’s “rising stars of the commercial litigator sphere.” As part of its research, Chambers reached out to some of Black’s clients and co-counsel. According to Chambers, one interviewee exclaimed: I think he’s brilliant!

The Chambers Guides have been ranking the best law firms and lawyers since 1990, and now cover 185 jurisdictions throughout the world. No other organization has the strength and depth of the Chambers editorial and research team when it comes to assessing the world’s best business lawyers. International In-house Counsel, an independent journal, conducted a survey of over 20,000 in-house counsel from around the world. They were asked: If you use directories to identify law firms / individuals, which do you use? Over 51% selected Chambers & Partners. Chambers ranks both lawyers and law firms based on the research of 150 full-time editors and researchers employed at its head office in London. Chambers speaks to lawyers and clients, conducting in-depth telephone interviews.

Chambers claims “In a legal marketing world that is literally awash in gratuitous and duplicative listings, pay-for-plays, unresearched ratings, rankings and scams – over 900 at last count – there are innumerable ways for lawyers and marketing departments to waste their time and money. Amid the confusion and noise, there are only a few islands of sanity and dependability left. Among those, Chambers & Partners stands out for its comprehensive view of the marketplace, depth and quality of research, and commitment to reporting integrity. To be sure, there is time and effort involved in our commitment to Chambers, but this is work that both our attorneys and marketers undertake willingly because Chambers commands clout and credibility with key clients.”

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