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Lake Charles Bus Accident Lawyers

When using public transportation such as city buses, passengers expect a safe travel experience. However, despite these expectations, bus accidents can occur, frequently resulting in more serious injuries and greater damages than standard car accidents. The challenge of determining liability in bus accidents is considerably complex and demands the expertise of skilled attorneys. Our team, comprising adept personal injury lawyers and Lake Charles Bus Accident Lawyers at Daly & Black, P.C., is prepared to manage these intricate cases. We provide the essential legal know-how to effectively guide you through the complexities of bus accident claims.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

There are many different kinds of buses throughout the nation. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards defines a bus as any motorized vehicle that can carry more than ten passengers. These can include:

  • City buses operating with an urban area
  • Greyhound buses, transporting passengers from city to city
  • Tour buses and coaches used to carry tourists
  • School and college buses
  • Other buses and vans used for church groups, clubs and workers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that nearly 300 fatal bus accidents happen every year. Some common causes of the tragic wrecks include:

  • Reckless bus drivers
  • Intoxicated bus drivers
  • Distracted bus drivers
  • Improper bus maintenance
  • Road maintenance issues
  • Inclement weather

Determining Liability in a Bus Accident Case

Lawsuits involving bus accidents are extremely complex because they involve the potential liability of a number of parties, such as:

  • The bus driver
  • The bus management company
  • Manufacturers of bus equipment
  • Additional negligent drivers involved in the crash
  • Government agencies responsible for public buses

Reasons for bus accidents vary greatly and our Lake Charles bus accident lawyers can conduct a thorough investigation into your case to help determine who is responsible for your injuries.

Daly & Black, P.C. Are Your Lake Charles Bus Accident Lawyers

The aftermath of a bus accident entails much more than just physical recovery; it also involves navigating through complex legal challenges and daunting insurance claims. This is where Daly & Black, P.C. comes in to lighten your load. As experienced Lake Charles Bus Accident Lawyers, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to your case, offering unparalleled expertise and commitment. Our team is adept at untangling the complexities of public transportation accidents, zealously striving to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you are entitled to. We have a deep understanding of the nuances of bus accident litigation and are ready to provide personalized, strong representation aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for you. Contact Daly & Black, P.C. today, and let us take on the responsibility of fighting for your rights, allowing you to focus on your recovery and peace of mind.