Simone Pitre | Staff Profile | Daly & Black, P.C.

Simone Pitre


  • One Galleria Blvd
    Suite 1900
    Metairie, Louisiana 70001


Navigating through the complexities of law firms and various other sectors with over 25 years of administrative experience, Simone Pitre embodies a deep-rooted dedication to ensuring seamless operational flow within dynamic work environments. A native New Orleanian, Simone formerly served as a Legal Assistant at Morris Bart in New Orleans, where she supported attorneys in handling auto and hurricane cases.

Her involvement in varying industries characterizes a substantial part of Simone’s career, be it hospitality, retail, medical, or legal, and a remote work environment, which reflects her ability to adapt and excel in diverse settings. Her career showcases her adept handling of varied administrative tasks from managing logistics, planning events, and maintaining databases to executing HR-related duties.

With 22 years under her belt in customer service, Simone has facilitated client relations and solutions across sectors. Her roles at various establishments spotlight her talent in managing customer interactions, resolving inquiries, and ensuring a smooth customer journey by providing efficient service solutions. Her tenure at Garretson Resolution Group further illustrates her exceptional capability to guide customers through various legal processes and claim procedures respectively, ensuring their needs are acknowledged and addressed.

Simone’s involvement in planning and orchestrating employee appreciation events, coordinating meetings, and managing executive schedules underpins her competency in event management and organizational tasks. Engaging both internally within firms and externally with customers and clients, Simone excels in establishing rapport and ensuring transparent communication. Her role in assisting clients, handling inquiries, and ensuring all stakeholders are kept informed demonstrates her commitment to effective and empathetic communication.