Rosalie Angel | Staff Profile | Daly & Black, P.C.

Rosalie Angel


  • 321 Veterans Memorial Blvd
    Suite 205
    Metairie, Louisiana 70005
  • 504-377-7124


Meet Rosalie, a seasoned paralegal whose expertise extends far beyond the legal realm. With a diverse background spanning various industries, she brings a unique perspective to her role, adapt at tackling challenges and achieving results. Known for her exceptional client service skills, she goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. She obtained her undergraduate degree at Loyola New Orleans, graduating with 3 majors and 2 publications, then graduated with a Masters of Business Administration from Tulane two years later. When it’s drawing from her background in business, finance, or technology, she leverages her multifaceted skill set to navigate complex matters with ease. Beyond her professional pursuits, Rosalie is fueled by her diverse passions. An avid traveler, she finds inspiration in exploring new cultures and landscapes, fostering a global perspective that enriches her work. Additionally, she channels her creativity through various outlets, finding solace and rejuvenation in artistic expression. Her unwavering dedication to excellence, paired with her innate ability to connect with others, makes her a valuable asset in any legal team. In both her professional and personal endeavors, she embodies resilience, resourcefulness, and a relentless drive to make a positive impact.