Kunal Thakkar | Daly & Black, P.C.

Kunal Thakkar

Digital Marketing Director

  • 2211 Norfolk Street
    Suite 800
    Houston, Texas 77098
  • 713-655-1405


Kunal Thakkar is the dynamic Digital Marketing Director at Daly & Black, P.C., bringing a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise. Born and raised in India, Kunal embarked on his American dream in 2013 and became an American citizen in 2019.

Since 2018, he has navigated the complex digital marketing landscape, applying his deep understanding and innovative approaches across sectors like Law, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Home Services, Print, Oil & Gas, and IT. His proficiency in SEO, Google Ads, PPC, Web Management, and platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce, underscores his invaluable contribution to the firm.

Beyond the digital realm, Kunal finds joy in reading, cooking, drawing, gaming, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Family time is precious to him, often spent with loved ones, and his pets – Light and Shadow.