Ethan Newman | Staff Profile | Daly & Black, P.C.

Ethan Newman


  • 2211 Norfolk Street
    Suite 800
    Houston, Texas 77098
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Ethan Newman is a Paralegal at Daly & Black. His expertise spans across drafting, editing, and filing legal documents in various US state and federal court systems, where his dedication to precision and exceptional client service truly shines. Previously coming from Real Estate Law which tended to be rather impersonal, Ethan finds great purpose and joy in helping and getting to know clients that are in hard places and hoping to make.

Balancing his professional life, Ethan finds his grounding in life with his wife, Zoie. She has been a constant source of support and a steadying presence in his life’s journey. She keeps him honest and out of trouble. (Mostly.) Together, they share a bond that reinforces Ethan’s commitment to balance and integrity, both personally and professionally.

When not navigating the complexities of the legal world, Ethan embraces a variety of passions. He’s an enthusiastic longboarder, a reader with an appetite for everything from historical insights to sci-fi adventures, and a music aficionado who enjoys expressing himself through the strings of his electric bass. As a Star Wars fan, he appreciates the intricacy of its universe, mirroring the complexity of our world. His downtime is often spent with his beloved dogs, Ruth and Hank, finding joy in their companionship and the simple pleasures of everyday life.