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Daly & Black Testifies Before Texas Senate

On October 5, 2016, before a standing room only audience, John Scott Black of Daly & Black testified before the Senate Business & Commerce Committee to address matters concerning the Texas Senate’s interim charge related to the impacts of wind and hail related lawsuits on the insurance industry.

Along with TTLA past president Brian Blevins, Black laid out the issues of concern to Texas policyholders and consumers – namely, that any changes to current Texas law need to continue to protect Texas policyholders and business owners.

Although it failed last session, the insurance industry is, again, trying to persuade members of the legislature to roll back consumer protections that have been in place for decades. Even though Texas insurance companies or corporate defendants are more profitable than ever, and compete in a robust market of over 135 insurers, they complain that wind and hail lawsuits are driving them out of the state. A preliminary report issued by the Texas Department of Insurance just this month belies the industry’s claims, and instead shows an insurance industry that is healthier and more robust than ever.

If you would like to see the testimony of the panel, click here.

If you hire a lawyer to represent you or your business in an insurance related matter, make sure your lawyers are knowledgeable and have the resources to fight – no matter the size of the dispute. If you are interested in learning more about the legislative issues currently before the Texas Senate, please email John Scott Black directly at jblack@dalyblack.com