Daly and Black Speak at 2016 IRC Summit | Daly & Black, P.C.

Daly and Black Speak at 2016 IRC Summit in Arlington, Texas

Our firm’s founders were honored to speak to a room full of experienced contractors from all over the country to explain the pros and cons of choosing appraisal versus litigation. One of the issues our firm constantly struggles with is the question of which path is better when squaring off against am insurer that has denied, delayed, or underpaid a valid claim: appraisal or litigation.

The reality is that each path has advantages and disadvantages. Some situations might better suited for appraisal, which can be quicker. However, because insurers often misuse the process, it’s not always the case that appraisal is the better of the two options.

If you or your clients have questions about which path to take, call one of our experienced first party insurance lawyers to talk through the issues. Being well informed is the first and most crucial step in the process. And our lawyers are always happy to provide clear, simple answers, at no cost to you or your client.