Suzanne Richards



Suzanne is often the first point of contact for new clients as an intake paralegal at Daly & Black. She believes effective communication, strong teamwork and genuine compassion for their clients are what sets this law firm apart from any other. Based on the number of referrals that come to our office, there are many former clients who believe it to be true, too.

She applies her background in sales and marketing, along with teaching experience, to the clients’ needs and expectations during the intake process by truly listening to their needs. Many of our clients come to us having no experience with the legal system and as such, she understands it can be daunting to new clients. By answering clients’ questions and keeping them updated throughout the process, it allows them to feel that their best interests are being truly met.

Suzanne graduated summa cum laude with a BA from the University of Houston and has completed post graduate work at Johns Hopkins University. A fifth generation Californian, she tells people she’s a naturalized Texan, having lived here since 1983. Surfing, yoga, art and golf round out her principle passions, though spending time with her family is always number one on her list. She is married and her daughters, live, respectively, in Houston and New York City.

She has lived in Hawaii, Saudi Arabia and Scotland so travel is second nature to her, with Amsterdam, Dubai and the Canadian Rockies being some of her preferred destinations.