Life Insurance Claims

Life insurance is frequently the largest asset a loved one leaves behind. We understand the importance of that asset, and treat it as our own when analyzing these claims and handling the litigation.

Life insurance takes many forms, and there are countless different types of policies, each of which is unique in its complexities. Needless to say you should have skilled counsel when analyzing these matters, particularly when you believe an insurer is improperly managing a life insurance claim.

Often times, insurers attempt to deny coverage under these policies based on misrepresentations made at the outset, or during the application process. Insurers raise these types of defenses to avoid paying out the policy. You will need skilled counsel to overcome these arguments, and the lawyers at Daly & Black, P.C. are ready and able to help you and your family.

Another excused insurance companies use to avoid paying the policy proceeds is to blame the decedent, claiming he or she committed suicide or was otherwise to blame for their own death. Needless to say, these legal arguments are incredibly emotional for the family to handle. And they require you to have a legal team that is able to conduct a forensic examination into the cause of death, to combat the insurance company's position.

Daly & Black, P.C. has the skill, intellect, and ability to handle these claims aggressively, but always keeping in mind the sensitive nature of your loss and the emotional challenges that always follow such a claim.