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Every year, devastating storms sweep across our country and cause billions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses. Most of these losses are covered by insurance. Unfortunately, insurance companies continue to find new ways to wrongfully deny, delay, or otherwise underpay perfectly valid claims.

Contrary to the claims made in slick advertising campaigns proclaiming to be your good neighbor, insurers frequently place their profits and bottom line ahead of your interests – particularly when catastrophic storms, and the damage caused by them, threaten their pocketbook. They do so by employing thousands of professionals and agents that are skilled in figuring out how to wrongfully deny your claim, drag out the process, or offer you less money than you deserve under your policy. But unless you, as the policyholder hold them accountable, nothing changes.

The lawyers at Daly & Black, P.C. are skilled at handling every type of storm damage claim, be it from tornado, hurricane, hail, or wind – our lawyers and their skilled team of experts will analyze your policy, determine your rights under your state's law, and quickly determine whether you are being treated fairly or not. If you have a claim, we will handle the matter through conclusion at no cost to you – we recover if you authorize us to settle with the insurer for an amount that makes you whole.

Our lawyers level the playing field against the largest insurance companies in the country. Like the insurance companies do, we employ skilled experts, many of whom are former employees of these insurers, to prevent your carrier from wrongfully denying you benefits due under the policy. Because we practice almost exclusively in this field, we are familiar with the insurance companies' tricks, and hold them accountable – we make them do the right thing in every case, even if it means taking the case to trial and fighting through appeal.

Because storm damage can easily reach the billions of dollars, insurance companies fight hard to hold on to their money, and, unfortunately for policyholders, this sometimes means cheating you out of benefits owed under your contract. While "bad faith" conduct like this varies from state to state, some common examples of bad conduct are"

  1. Unnecessarily delaying payment of claims;
  2. Blaming your loss on events other than the real cause;
  3. Wrongfully claiming your loss is not covered;
  4. Failing to perform an adequate investigation;
  5. Making up reasons for delaying or denying your claim;
  6. Dragging out the claims process without a good reason;
  7. Trying to settle with you for an amount the insurer knows is inadequate and less than what is fully covered;
  8. Failing to explain clearly why your claim was denied or underpaid;
  9. Intentionally misinterpreting the language in your policy;
  10. Telling you not to hire a lawyer;
  11. Performing a biased investigation of your claim; and
  12. Making wrongful threats to drop your coverage or deny your claim (essentially, bullying).

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If you or your business have suffered storm damage losses, of any type, and are faced with this type of conduct from your insurance company, give us a call. It costs you nothing. We will quickly get to the bottom of your complaint, analyze the applicable law, and put our expertise to work for you. Daly & Black, P.C., is the insurance litigation boutique, and we are devoted to making insurance companies do the right thing – every time.

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